DONUT STRESS, Just Do Your Best

Hey, friends - happy July!  We have a busy week ahead as we head out to a conference in Nashville.  Before we take off, though, we wanted to throw out this little freebie for you.  As we head into BTS season next month, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get things perfect.  Just remember to take care of yourself and DONUT stress!  We hope the NOTES AND QUOTES freebie we're sending to our subscribers will help a bit!

Not an email subscriber or follower yet, DONUT worry - just click the link to the right to sign up!  You can also click this link to be an It All Started with Flubber follower to receive discounts on all new products.  You will find this DONUT Classroom Decor Notes and Quotes as a freebie in our store as a thank you for following us!  Post pictures on our blog or any social media platform to show us how you used these in your classroom!

Here are some easy classroom set up ideas and self-preservation tips to help:

  • keep a list and check off what gets done
  • start with a task that has you really excited, or one that gives you the biggest bang for your buck (time) - arranging desks is the one for me!
  • tackle a task that's a bit daunting, then flip back to an easy one as you build momentum for completing your checklist
  • don't stress if nothing gets checked off once in awhile - you are on summer break, you know!
  • let your students do some of the classroom set up and decorating so they have ownership in it
  • harness the help of former students if possible, they'll love helping with classroom set up
  • take some time for yourself each day - read, watch a funny TV show, or just do what makes you happy
  • labels, labels, labels - we print SO MANY classroom things on labels, from workbook or folder labels for each student to a strip of student names in fun fonts for each child, use those labels!
  • take pictures as you go so you can see tangible evidence of progress, but remember that sometimes you have to make a mess to clean up a mess - case in point, my art supply cabinet
  • try having students get supplies from stations on the first day or two - this way they aren't overwhelmed with a huge stack of things on their desks from the first moment they walk in, and it saves you loads of time
  • don't strive for perfect - do your best and let it go
We hope you have MANY more days before you have to think about BTS, but if you are like us and already have begun to think about getting organized, take it small in little bites and it's not nearly such a monstrous task!  

Happy July - now go click that subscribe button so you DONUT miss out on our Notes and Quotes FREEBIE!  (And if DONUTS are really your thing, we are launching a classroom d├ęcor product line you might enjoy checking out!)

Summers Off?

Happy June, friends!  We hope you've made it through the 2017-18 school year unscathed and ready to relax.  A few friends, we know, are still in school to make up for days out for weather and efforts to support needed legislative initiatives in many states.  Hang in there, you've got this!!

Most folks outside our community of teachers and families have no idea how much time and energy is involved in a typical day in our classrooms.  Often folks look at our work week and think they'd like to get off at 3:00 every day, and summers OFF??  Yes, please, sign us up!!  The reality is that we work long hours beyond the time our students are in the classroom.  Summers are a time to recharge and refresh, but how many of us have already put in several hours in planning or preparing for the 2018-19 school year?  {Hands are raised, we see you!!}

We've been hard at work creating new resources, too!  Freshly posted in our store is our first classroom decor set - BOLD & BRIGHT - EDITABLE CLASSROOM DECOR!

BOLD & BRIGHT because it makes the atmosphere bright and fun; EDITABLE to give you many options to customize this to fit your needs!!

This is a beast of a file - 270 pages!!  {{Shut the front door - we know, you are saying how in the world could you come up with 270 pages of things we need??}}

Well, jump on this link and see what all is included!  Making your life easier is a prime reason to grab this - jobs, calendars, parts of speech, behavior, labels, desk and locker/cubbie tags, binder covers, and MORE!  It's HALF OFF for a few days!  What a deal - 270 pages of editable classroom decor materials for only NINE DOLLARS through June 22!

Classroom arrangements, seating options, and decorations are all over Pinterest and it's so fun to look to see what might be the most engaging ways to use our own classroom learning spaces.  Do you use a theme?  What have you used that's a favorite?  Classroom decor and themes are fun, bright, cheerful, and make us smile when we walk in each morning.   We hope our BOLD & BRIGHT decor set will bring a smile to many teachers' (and students') faces!

Thank you!!

Got Eggs? Dozens of Ways to Use Plastic Easter Eggs in Your Classroom

Easter is almost here, and that means a plethora of plastic Easter eggs might just need a good home after the treats inside have been consumed...namely, after about 52.3 seconds at our house! 

Or maybe you are like us and cannot pass up the bargain bins at the store where they'll have colorful plastic eggs for ridiculously low prices. 

Have no fear—there are literally endless ways to use these in the classroom, regardless of the grade you teach!  Most of these can be written directly on the outside of the egg, or you can use slips of paper inside the eggs if desired.  Use any of these ideas for an egg hunt or a literacy or math center or station!

Phonics activities
    • word families (consonant + at/ell/ick and other word family stems)
    • rhyming words (mix up the colors so they aren't just matching colors)
    • vowel sounds (try tricky similar sounds that aren't spelled alike: view, due, noon)
Literacy activities—put a slip of paper inside the egg to prompt students to tell about a story or reading selection
    • setting
    • characters
    • character traits
    • theme, message or lesson
    • main idea of a short passage
    • compare/contrast events, characters, settings, etc.
    • causes and effects
    • vocabulary words and meanings
    • strong verbs
    • shades of meaning
    • strong beginnings for writing
    • writing prompts
English fun
    • parts of speech with examples of each
    • possessive nouns—paws of the dog = dog's paws; paws of the dogs = dogs' paws
    • pronouns I/me, we/us and sentences where they're used
Math practice
    • addition, subtraction, multiplication, division facts or practice
    • number patterns on one end and the rule on the other
    • expanded form, standard form, place value practice
    • word problems to solve (put a number on each egg, match operation
    • number families for multiplication and then "6's," "7's," etc.
    • geometric shapes and clues to help identify them
    • types of triangles and their identifying characteristics
    • lines, rays, line segments, angles, etc.
    • fractions—use with a picture or model and match; use for equivalent fractions; fractions on a number line
    • area and perimeter of a shape
    • patterning sequences with shapes, colors, numbers—many options
Science activities
    • food chains or producer/consumer or predator/prey
    • magnet activities
    • forces/motion examples to match
    • simple machines with examples to match
    • life cycles
    • vocabulary and definitions

However you use colorful plastic eggs, it's sure to be a hit with your students! Please leave us a comment below to share how you use plastic Easter eggs in your classroom.

Thanks for dropping by!