Lions and Shamrocks and Lambs - Oh, My!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy March to you!  Finally, March is here and that means spring can't be far off - we hope!!

If you've been here before, you know that we feel pretty strongly about {at least} two things:  regular writing for our students, and making resources to make life easier for our fellow teachers!   If one or both of those are also near-and-dear to your own heart, keep reading!

    ✅  Regular writing - 7 ready-to-print templates for March

    ✅  A FREE seasonal resource for your classroom

Our March Follower Free resource has four different shamrock writing options and three different in-like-a-and out-like-a lamb or lion templates.  Samples are shown here:


Your students can write about a lucky day, unusual or different lucky charms, and the March weather in your area - print the lamb and lion today and you have an easy writing prompt for this week.  Use the shamrocks now or in the coming weeks to make a cute bulletin board for St. Patrick's Day.

Different teachers use our monthly writing papers in different ways:

  •   for a morning quick write,
  •   or plan a lesson specifically around the themes for that month
  •   use for early-finishers 
  •   use as a writing station during literacy centers
  •   differentiate by customizing your writing task specifically for your learners' needs

You can find writing papers for each month in our Teacher Pay Teachers store under the monthly custom categories.

If you download these and use them, be sure to tag us if you post a picture on social media!  We'd love for you to win a TpT gift card!

We'd also love to hear about other ways you build in opportunities for regular writing for your students.  Comment below and you might also win a TpT gift card!

How to Keep Your Sanity When You Have a "Latte" Kids Out Sick

© Prettygrafik
Welcome - we're glad you are here!  We've made a couple of freebies for you to help lessen the work involved when students are out sick.

 Have your students missed a LATTE of school due to colds, strep, and flu?  Has your family been able to stay healthy?  We have been hit so hard by the seasonal flu and strep going around!  We've had about 75% of our students out at some point during January and February—and not just for a day or two!  Most have missed four or more days, so we hope to celebrate having perfect attendance once again soon, let me tell you!

Does this sound like your class?  Want to know a little secret?  There's something we hate more than strep, the flu, or colds.  Are you ready?

Make.  Up.  Work.  Uggh!!

It's a pain to get it pulled together, and it's a royal pain to go through it all when it comes back.  Here is a little trick that lessens the pain a bit: color code the pages so parents know what is a higher priority to complete.  You could code them using a highlighter in this manner:

  • yellow - must do, high priority (mustard, get it?)
  • red/pink - catch up when you can, not high priority (ketchup or catsup, get it?) 
Another option is to color code the work according to what goes where when it is returned; just code the assignments by drawing a line with a highlighter at the top of the page: 
  • blue for any work that needs to be handed back to another teacher (for example, a small group teacher or math teacher, if you switch classes)
  • green for go (check quickly and send home)
  • pink for stop (take time to grade)
  • yellow for wait (if it's part of a bigger project and needs to be put away in a special place)
© Jessica Sawyer Designs
As much as we hate it, make up work is as much a part of this cold and flu season as Clorox Wipes, Kleenex, and hand sanitizer.

DONUT worry, we're here to help!  Today we're also sharing a simple page to help record assignments for absent students, and it's FREE.  You could even use the color coding strategies above on the boxes on this page.  And you might have guessed, we've used a donut and latte theme to make it at least a little fun for those poor sick students.  (Here's another tip—train your students to help with getting work out for missing classmates when they pull out their own materials.  They can even fill in the work on the recording sheet if you'd like them to.)

Some schools don't send home make up work, and if that's your situation, use this resource to keep a record of what students have missed and need to work on when they return.

Speaking of returning students, we definitely need to celebrate those days when we have all students in class.  We've created a few fun and festive PERFECT ATTENDANCE posters for you to use on your door or in your classroom to celebrate when everyone is present.  We've included several spring-y options as well as black/white options for those with limited color printing capability.

Use this link to grab your posters!

Enjoy—and good luck keeping your family and your class healthy!

Join Us for a Rockin' New Year

Just in time for the New Year - we've teamed up with some amazing teacher-authors for TWO ROCKIN' opportunities!  We are so blessed to have awesome friends along this incredible teacher-author journey, and we'd like to be sure you are a part of these rockin' opportunities, too.

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Search #Ringin2019 on Teachers Pay Teachers to find some pretty sweet DOLLAR DEALS - only December 30-31!  We promise you will find something (or LOTS) to love!  We've already loaded our own cart—don't delay, do this today!  We're offering one of our bestsellers, our January Scattergories, and a soon-to-be-favorite, part of our new writing-paper-bulletin-board-ready-series, our January Writing Papers.

Happy New Year to you - wishing you continued success and much love, peace, and joy in the New Year!  Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

~ It All Started with Flubber