Predicting Freebies—Not Winter—In Your Future

Oh, that pesky groundhog and his predictions...

We have a prediction of our own—we predict savings in your future!  We've teamed up with some amazing teacher-authors to bring you quite an assortment of resources, and all are free!  Thanks to our friend at Teaching Second Grade for organizing this.

So, while we may have to wait a bit for spring, don't wait to grab some of these FREEBIES to get you though these next weeks of winter!

February Freebies

Super Bowl Fun to Drive Your Students Straight to the Goal Line


The big game is coming this weekend!  Are you a football fan? Even if you're not, the Super Bowl has been getting lots of attention in the media, so your students are likely caught up in the football frenzy!  And, if you're like us, anything that captures our students' attention means we are searching for opportunities to channel that interest into learning.

There are many ways to tie football and the Super Bowl into your curriculum—and in any subject area you teach.

🏈  Social Studies - mapping

Here are just a few fun mapping ideas for your class:
  • map the location of the teams
  • use scale of miles to determine the distance between Philadelphia and Boston
  • use scale of miles to find out how far each team will travel to the game in Minneapolis
  • find the latitude and longitude of the home cities and the game site
  • map your route to get to the Super Bowl
  • use Google Earth to  explore Philadelphia, Boston, and Minneapolis; can you find the stadium?

🏈  Science 

Football is a perfect match for science!  You can have students connect concepts like force, gravity, motion, and more!  There are many STEM projects related to football, too.  Here are a few links to get you started.

🏈  Math

The Super Bowl has a host of math connections! 
  • measurement - just how far is 100 yards?
  • more measuring - how far can you kick (or throw) a ball?
  • cost to attend - how much would it cost for tickets, travel, hotel
  • elapsed time - how long would you travel to get to Minneapolis?
  • statistics - compare stats of the two teams of two players
  • graphing - research which teams have won multiple Super Bowls, or graph player stats; graph results (try this online graphing site:  NCES Kid Zone:  Create a Graph
  • place value - use yardage, scores, or the cost to run an ad during the Super Bowl; break these numbers down by place value

🏈  English Language Arts

Where do we even start??  Well, the best two places are the teams themselves and the famous Super Bowl ads!  

  • research your favorite team or player
    •  create a Google Slide with info and join these into one class slide show
    •  work with a partner to create an infographic to share facts—try or Google Charts
  • watch the Top 10 Super Bowl Plays and select two to compare and contrast
  • view the best Super Bowl ads then write to tell which you think is best
  • middle school teachers will love Frank Baker's MiddleWeb information on teaching media literacy with Super Bowl ads

🏈  Trivia Quiz

If you want to challenge your students, check out ThoughtCo's trivia quizzes.

🏈  Finally, if you'd like a SUPER resource with loads of fun cross-curricular activities, here is one we created! 

✓ TWO Close Reading Passages, to differentiate instruction for 2nd-3rd and 4th-5th reading levels
✓ Close Reading answer keys 
✓ Game Match Up - Research to compare the big teams 
✓ Venn Diagram – compare and contrast the info you found for the Match Up activity
✓ Football Spelling List (five lists on a page to save paper) 
✓ Football ABC Order Activity and answer key
✓ Math Task Cards – 8 Cards Each for Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication
✓ Task Card answer keys and student answer page 
✓ Football Writing Prompt with Graphic Organizer 
✓ Writing Paper for final copy 
✓ Super Football Facts and Predictions - another opportunity to research these two great teams and to predict the champion
✓ Football Helmet and Jersey Design Pages

Monkeying Around

We have been SNOWED in and no school for 5 days!  Yes, this mom is going to lose her mind!  Snow days are great, at first!  I love the sled riding, snow gear, smiles, laughs, and cool air.  However, on day 5, I don't want to see any more wet clothes, make any more hot chocolate, or wipe up any more wet snow from the floors.  

So, today, this mom changed things up.  We did a service community project!  We colored these cute tags that said, "My parents said we are driving them BANANAS being inside, so we are now MONKEYING around visiting you!"  We then bought bananas and visited an assisted living unit to deliver them.  The kids loved it, but not as much as the residents!

You should have seen the residents' faces!  They lit up!  The residents wanted to talk about the weather, tell stories about their lunch, or just give the kids a hug.

The magic moment happened in the car when we were leaving.  My oldest son said, "Mom, that was great. We should really do a service community project every month!"  Yes, yes, yes!  This is what it is all about!

Today was a great SNOW day!  I don't know who got more out of it, the residents or my children.  Either way, it was a win-win situation!

Follow our store, leave a comment below, and you can grab this Monkeying Around Freebie here.  You can use the colored one or have your kids color the other option.  Both are there for you to use!  I hope you enjoy putting a smile on someone's face as much as we did today.