Lions and Shamrocks and Lambs - Oh, My!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy March to you!  Finally, March is here and that means spring can't be far off - we hope!!

If you've been here before, you know that we feel pretty strongly about {at least} two things:  regular writing for our students, and making resources to make life easier for our fellow teachers!   If one or both of those are also near-and-dear to your own heart, keep reading!

    ✅  Regular writing - 7 ready-to-print templates for March

    ✅  A FREE seasonal resource for your classroom

Our March Follower Free resource has four different shamrock writing options and three different in-like-a-and out-like-a lamb or lion templates.  Samples are shown here:


Your students can write about a lucky day, unusual or different lucky charms, and the March weather in your area - print the lamb and lion today and you have an easy writing prompt for this week.  Use the shamrocks now or in the coming weeks to make a cute bulletin board for St. Patrick's Day.

Different teachers use our monthly writing papers in different ways:

  •   for a morning quick write,
  •   or plan a lesson specifically around the themes for that month
  •   use for early-finishers 
  •   use as a writing station during literacy centers
  •   differentiate by customizing your writing task specifically for your learners' needs

You can find writing papers for each month in our Teacher Pay Teachers store under the monthly custom categories.

If you download these and use them, be sure to tag us if you post a picture on social media!  We'd love for you to win a TpT gift card!

We'd also love to hear about other ways you build in opportunities for regular writing for your students.  Comment below and you might also win a TpT gift card!