Glorious Summer

Hey—wait just a minute! The blog title is "Glorious Summer" and the image is of a resource for school—for August??? Is this some type of bait-and-switch scheme?

No way, but we do have a couple of reasons for including this image under the title "Glorious Summer."
1. Most importantly, we want to alert you that this this fun resource is only $1.50 in our store through June 30. It's normally $3.50, so it's a steal-of-a-deal. 

Plus when your teammates and fellow teachers begin to talk about B2S (no, we just cannot bring ourselves to write the words just yet...not quite yet...on a lovely, crisp, cool June morning), you will already have not one, but FIVE fun, engaging, critical-thinking, collaborative, community-building activities ready to go for the beginning of the year!
2. Do you remember summer as a kid? Long days, lots of activity on some days, bike riding, swimming, ball games.  Other days were spent just laying around reading or playing games. Scattergories was definitely one of the fun game we played, along with marathon games of Monopoly, Taboo, lots of card games, and the ever-popular Game of Life. Be honest, who didn't want a fun convertible and twins back then? 

Some Favorite Summer Activities

3. Finally, for many of us, summer is not just a slow-down-and-recharge time but also a time of learning and growing. Our summer learning has been exploring digital resources (watch for our math task cards and probability resources to be available in digital form soon!) We're also learning about Flipgrid as a way to give students a way to share using video. Additionally, we're learning about all that Seesaw offers as a digital portfolio for student work that's easily shared. Watch for more about how we use these coming this fall....after...well, you know...after this Glorious Summer has run its course.

If you already use one of these, PLEASE leave us a comment and let us know how you utilize them! As always, we'd love to hear from you!