February Teacher Appreciation Giveaway!

Let's face it - as teachers, we put in an incredible amount of time!  We would never want to calculate our salary on an hourly basis because we'd definitely be shocked!  And we all know we spend our own money quite frequently on our little sweeties - and we do it willingly because we found a great idea or activity or resource!

We want to show our appreciation for all you do - and we don't want to wait until May for Teacher Appreciation Week, so how about a little LOVE in February?

How would you like a chance to win a $100 gift card from Amazon!  And all it takes is a few clicks and just a few moments of your precious time!

We've teamed up with some teacher-author friends for this giveaway and would LOVE for one of our followers to W-I-N!

Go HERE for several chances to win - but be quick - it's over February 5th!

Thanks so much for dropping by - up next are some of our FAVORITE February resources, so stop by again soon!