Saying Goodbye to the Comfort Zone

This weekend a group of approximately 200 teachers and teacher bloggers will convene on the small southern Indiana town of French Lick for a retreat!  There are people coming from points near and far all in the name of connecting, celebrating, learning, and sharing their passion for teaching and learning!  And WE ARE GOING!  

Yes, this is a definite push - or perhaps a SHOVE - beyond our comfort zone because we're just embarking on our journey into this world of blogging, but we do certainly share a passion for learning and creating, so we decided to make this jump right out of our "safe place" and make it happen!  Similar to a snake growing and shedding its skin (hmm, not exactly a pretty image, but you know growth isn't always pretty), we're taking the plunge and diving right in to learn with and from other like-minded teachers.  We're very excited to be among other kindred spirits who love creating resources for their classrooms and celebrating the magic that happens in classrooms across the country every single day!

Follow the fun on social media by following #teacherstakefrenchlick or #2016teacherbloggerretreat and you too can tap into the passion of this group!