Blog? What Blog?

A funny thing happened on our way to this blog....we asked a graphic designer to help us get started!  Yes, very exciting - and a bit scary - but we were committed to making this blog happen after talking about it for a couple of years.  Our designer was very professional!  She was patient in answering our questions and tolerated silly "newbie" questions with grace, and things progressed smoothly until we asked about our blog's web address.  Our designer quickly replied that it would be the same address as our blog, it wouldn't change.

At that point, things got a little confusing!  Here is a look at the dialogue:

Well, just consider this a testament to the patience of The 3AM Teacher!  She is a jewel for sticking with us and not just throwing her hands up and resigning on the spot!

Stay in touch - there's always something going on around here!