Good Calls Home

Grab your GOOD CALLS HOME freebie from It All Started with Flubber 
Hi, friends - happy fall to y'all! Today we are just updating a post we made earlier this month about the book Kids Deserve It by Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome.  In that post we offered a free resource to log your Good Calls Home.  Now this resource is also available as a FREEBIE in our store on Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you missed it, head over there and grab yours.  Click on the link in the caption above.

If you've not tried Good Calls Home, please do!  It will absolutely make your day!  A word of warning, though - I've learned that I can't do these after 8:00 at night for a couple of reasons:

  • First, I do want to talk to the child, if possible, so it's best to call before they go to bed.
  • Secondly, I am without a doubt too pumped up to wind down my own night! It's true—these calls are such a boon to kids' confidence and self-esteem, but also a huge boost to me as a teacher!
I cannot state too strongly just what a positive impact these calls have on the kids, parents, our classroom climate, on building and maintaining a culture of open communication and parental partnerships—and to me!  If you build this into your monthly plans, I promise you won't be disappointed.  These few minutes will pay off in many ways beyond just the time you spend on the phone.

Please leave us a comment below and let us know what your own experience is like with Good Calls Home! We'd love to hear from you!!