Linky Party and Labor Day Sale!

Happy Labor Day weekend!  We are celebrating this day and all of those who labor each and every day with the mission of making a difference in the lives of so many students!

YOU are the reason for this sale!

YOU, teachers, spend countless hours preparing a warm and inviting classroom for your students.

YOU go to sleep at night thinking about that one student, and wake up in the morning still searching for ways to reach him or her.

YOU are the teacher who seeks first to understand - be curious instead of furious - when a student doesn't behave appropriately.

YOU are that teacher who reads that extra chapter when the students beg and plead because you also want to keep going.

YOU are the teacher who spends much of her/his own money for supplies and learning resources.

YOU walk into school each day with a smile on your face, hope and love in your heart, and the goal in your heart to reach those kids who need you the most, to make learning fun and memorable, personal and pertinent.

We salute you, and offer you a chance to visit our store and those of our Linky Partners to save 20% for this ONE DAY SALE.

Please accept our thanks for all that you do -  and our wishes for a fabulous new school year!

Visit our friend Shelly at Appletastic Learning to see other links, too!