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We are full-on in the Back-to-School season!  Are you enjoying getting to know your new students? We have some fun beginning of the year projects planned as we get ready to welcome a new batch of kids ourselves! And, even if a there is a tiny piece of your heart that may still be missing your kids from last year, you have to admit that it's exciting to start over with a new group.

As your year begins, you'll also be welcoming a new set of families and parents!

Scheduling parent volunteers can be challenging at times, but here is a little gem that helps us immensely with this - and with LOTS more:


Have you tried SignUpGenius?  We use this at the beginning of the year when setting up your parent volunteer schedule. In addition, we use this tool monthly to ask for help with and/or donations for projects, events, and special activities! Use it to find or schedule...
  • Flat Stanley host families
  • foods for international food day
  • family members to be guest or mystery readers
  • parents to lead literature circle groups
  • resources for edible learning activities, STEM challenges, seasonal crafts and projects
  • volunteers for classroom party supplies or to take charge of a party
  • field trip chaperones
  • convenient times to meet with parents for conferences
  • parents to help set up for activities
  • help with big school-wide projects or events such as a chili supper or carnival
  • parents to present at our annual job-fest project (Career Days)
  • snacks for youth sporting events or practices
  • Sunday School teacher rotations
  • checking out shared iPads or tech resources
  • monthly pot-luck meals (also called a carry-in or pitch-in)
  • substitute teachers to cover after school classes
  • before-school or after-school duties (bus duty, for example)
  • principal observation or classroom visits
At the risk of sounding like an infomercial - "But wait, there's more!!" - there are so many added uses for this web-based program!  

Follow the link, then scroll down to find out just how easy and amazing it is!

You create an account, then you're ready to "create a sign up."

 Now name your group and give your sign-up a title and a description; and then choose a theme.

Now you are ready to select the type of event and set the dates, if needed. You can choose a one-time event, a recurring event, specific time slots, a custom event, or just a donation without any dates.

Set up automatic email reminders when you complete your sign-up.  You can email it to your parents from the website, or email it to yourself and send the link to parents.  Also available is the option to have emails sent to you when someone signs up.

Here is a look at how your sign-up might look:

That's it - you're ready to have people sign up! No checklists to check off sign ups or donations, everything is right there in your sign-up!

We're sure you'll love this as much as we do and will find some incredible ways to use Sign Up Genius!  Please comment below to share your ideas!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a fabulous school year!

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